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Commercialization of your Product idea and making a Business

We assist you in finding your best customers in the most effective and efficient manner.

Drawing from our large company experience and experience with growing many smaller product lines, we develop a plan to grow your sales.

Analyzing your best prospects using data sources and developing sales/marketing communications programs to directly touch your best prospects with an effective value message.

What stage is your invention?…

1) idea

2) prototyped idea

3) Clinically tested idea

4) Commercially available product

A few of the initial questions to position your product/service and develop a marketing plan are:

1) What is your invention? What problem do you solve for people?

2) What is the total cost to use your invention? Include retraining, consumable other services and products. It will have to offer a significant saving to solve a problem to be economical to adopt into a busy practice.

3) Who is your idea customer? large or small practice?

4) What alternatives do people have? What are the competitive products/services?

5) How much money will your users make as a result of successfully adopting your invention into their practice?

Tell us the answers to these questions and we can begin to outline a launch/development plan.