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Project Resources and Samples of Prior Work

  • Advise to inventors: first check to see if your invention is either commercially available or patented. US Patent search : www.uspto.gov
  • We use a series of Computer Aided Design tools and email digital models to our clients for review and approval. We will email a link to viewer software you should install on your computer We will email 3D CAD models for you to review.

Business Development

We provide business development services which include:

  • Business plan development
  • Market research
  • Sales and Distribution planning

Product Development

Although most of our work is confidential, we can show you our MIM Device’s XB work on MIM Devices’s XB orthodontic bracket product line.
We developed 40 CAD models and made a complete product system.

Other examples are www.orthokineticscorp.com products and the WIOS lingual orthodontic system.

Let us help bring your visionary product to market.